Hi Everyone – I just got back from the Calgary Film Festival where we had the Official Premiere of  Two4One.  It was very exciting and glamourous, there was a limo and booze –  it was all a bit like the gay prom I never had!  I had a great time hanging out with the fabulously talented Gabrielle Rose and Naomi Sneikus.  Plus got a chance to catch my pals Rebecca Northan and Kevin Corey getting big laughs in the theatre Calgary production of One man two Guvners.


Good times were had by all and you happen to be in Vancouver please check out the film playing at VIFF!.

Check out press coverage of two4one in Xtra online edition.

  • art rice

    Gavin Crawford. I remember him gassing up Red Green car and pimpled faced asking Brian Mulroney if he could speak to, Ben. He’s no Sarah Bernhardt. Does he actually get paid ? If so with Canadian Taxpayer’s, money ?